BIRDS 2024 - Wall Calendar

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This calendar showcases some of my favorite bird photos from the past year, all taken in North Carolina. Each month of the calendar highlights a different species, captured in all its natural beauty. Hang it on your wall and enjoy a year full of avian inspiration. Thank you for your support and happy bird watching!

.: One size: 10.8" × 8.4" (27.4cm x 21.3cm)
.: High quality 270gsm paper with semi-glossy finish
.: Date grids for each month
.: 3/8" silver wire binding
.: Centered holes for hanging

Cover: Semipalmated Plover
JAN: Brown Pelican
FEB: Tree Swallow
MAR: Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
APR: Eastern Screech-Owl
MAY: Ovenbird
JUN: Great Crested Flycatcher
JUL: Gray Catbird
AUG: Northern Flicker
SEP: American Flamingo
OCT: Limpkin
NOV: American Golden-Plover
DEC: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker