Protein Ribbon Diagrams

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NOTE: Before purchasing this item, contact me at to let me know what protein structure you are interested in. I can generate drawings of just about any protein in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and send you a mockup to ensure that you're happy with the design before you buy. We can also discuss customization options like titles and descriptions. Thanks!

India ink on Bristol paper, 11x14" or 19x24" (frame not included)

Ribbon diagrams are 3D schematic representations of protein structure. Alpha helixes are shown as coiled ribbons, beta strands are shown as thick bands, and non-repetitive coils or loops are shown as thin tubes. Molecules of interest that are outside of the polypeptide chain are also shown in ball-and-stick form.

Enamored by the ability of these diagrams to convey the beauty of nature, I took it upon myself to learn how to generate them with my own code. I first created color rasters and later adapted my code to produce drawings in a vector format suitable for plotting. I am a computer programmer, not a biologist, so this was also a great way to learn more about other sciences.

These drawings are plotted using an AxiDraw V3/A3 pen plotter with a Rapidograph technical pen on Strathmore Smooth Bristol paper.

Great as a gift for anyone working in molecular biology!